Below you will find photos of the Antique Expressions being used from every decade, going back to the 1940's as well as a hand picked Barrel of Bourbon, hand picked by Houstonians and only available at the 2nd Annual Houston Whiskey Social.


With a special thank you to Preamble lounge and Craft house we have a very special treat for our VIP guests.

          Truly Antique cocktails. A unique experience unlike anything ever before seen in the Lone Star state.

Preamble will be making select cocktails for the guests using ingredients from antique bottles from as far back as the 1940's. 

Sealed expressions acquired over decades and will be opened for the first time in more than 70 years at the Houston Whiskey Social. Come and taste a truly rare piece of history. 

We look forward to sharing this with you.


  • Rene Briand Cognac/Bottled 1950s
  • Haig's Dimple/Bottled 1950s
  • Teacher's Highland Cream/Bottled 1970s
  • Riunite Rhum Fantasia/Bottled 1950s
  • 3 Valetti Brandy/Bottled 1960s
  • Gordon's Gin/Bottled 1960s
  • Grand Marnier Cordon Jaune 1960s
  • Thorne's 10 Year Old/Bottled 1940s
  • HAIG & HAIG 12 YEAR OLD Bot.1940s
  • 1970's 1 Gallon Early Times Old style Bourbon
  • 1970's 1.75 Michter's King Tutankhamun 22k Gold Decanter
  • 1980's Early times Bourbon 86 Proof
  • 1960's Old Forester Bottled in Bond Decanter
  • 1970's Old Taylor 86 proof  (National Distillers)
  • 1960's Glenlivet-Tomintoul Scotch Whisky